A turn for the better in NEC’s entertainment


It’s easy to be bored as a college student, who goes to a small college in a rural area without a car; even with a car it can be tough. New England College’s entertainment committee has not been like other school’s entertainment clubs, with large concerts and awesome parties all the time – The Student Entertainment Committee, known as SEC, is attempting to make that change this semester.  They hosted their first party on January 28th, a spin-off of the famous Paint-U everyone adores: DJ Spin Roulette. The parties are held on the last Saturday of the month, and in the month of February DJ Mamba will play the tunes.

SEC will still host beloved events, such as: free skate, bingo, and other travel trips they normally host, but to appeal to the student body and what they want, they’re aiming for improvement by providing an environment where students can be safe, and have food. The best part is that for drinking age students, there is a cash bar throughout the night.

SEC continues to revamp their organization by coming up with a new logo and a new motto from their old, “We do it all over campus.” Jay Bordage’s class takes this project head on, but students are still encouraged to send in their submissions before the semester is over by e-mailing studententertainment@nec.edu or dropping by Allie Birchmeier’s office in Simon 314. Additionally, students can also make event suggestions through e-mail, or coming to one of their meetings, on Wednesdays at 2 PM.

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