Shuttle Struggle


The dream of many on campus residents of a 7 day shuttle system may not be so far away. According to Mike Taberski, “a 7 week shuttle system is the goal.”

However it seems there are some roadblocks preventing the full completion of the project. New Hampshire has a professional bus driver shortage, Taberski said, resulting in the delay of the project. At the current rate, the shuttle will start out as a weekend shuttle, running Friday, Saturday, Sunday and build up until the full week shuttle can be realized.

The shuttle would run from NEC to Concord and stop at the NEC Concord Center, as well as other stores around so that students may take full advantage of the things to do in the area, according to Taberski. The bus depot in Concord is then able to take the students to Boston and NYC for breaks and family emergencies.

NEC will begin tracking the usage of the shuttle more carefully as the project begins to develop, noting down the most popular and least popular usage times. Taberski has stated that the shuttle will adjust its times to work best with as many students as possible.

Taberski hopes that all students will be able to take advantage of this service to do more shopping, eating out, and getting internships in the area.

“We will be ready to go as soon as we can find professional drivers,” Taberski said in closing.

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