Student Hit by Motor Vehicle


A student was hit by a motor vehicle on Monday, November 6th on Route 114. Campus Safety was called at 4:38 p.m to respond. Scott Lane, the head of Campus Safety, said the accident happened just outside of Gilmore Dining hall at the crosswalk.

Lane states that a vehicle stopped to let a pedestrian (the student) cross the street. The stopped vehicle was then hit from behind. This accident caused the vehicle to move forward and hit the student on the cross walk.

When asked about the condition of the student and drivers Lane stated that the student went to the hospital, but was released later. It was also his understanding the drivers of the vehicles were not seriously hurt.

Lane urges students to be safe when crossing Route 114.

“This incident is a good reminder for everyone to be cautious on Route 114. Use crosswalks. Look both ways. We are fortunate that no one was seriously injured.”

Lane also reported that there have been complaints from the town regarding unsafe behavior on Route 114 such as jaywalking or walking out into traffic. Lane strongly urges against this behavior.

The crash is still being investigated by the Henniker Police Department.  


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