Upgrades to NEC Athletic Facilities

photo from NEC athletics

Bridges Gym received an early Christmas present on December 19th, 2017. The gym’s wooden bleachers were replaced with brand new electronically powered bleachers. The official unveiling was January 5th, 2018, when the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams hosted Thomas College.

“I have been pleasantly surprised by the reaction to the new bleachers,” said Lou Izzi, NEC Director of Athletics, “you wouldn’t think bleachers would create such a reaction, but the response has been unbelievably positive from our athletes, faculty & staff, alumni, game spectators, and even our opponents have raved about how the bleachers make Bridges Gym look so much better.”

Izzi stated that the decision to go with red for the primary color of the bleachers was to compliment the already existing red elements of the gym. He also mentioned how the bright tone of the red “makes a small space seem not as confined.”

The new bleachers are one of many recent additions made to the NEC Athletic Facilities as of late.

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Hannah Nelson
I am a sophomore here at NEC, majoring in communications. I am a member of the women's basketball team, a Peer Leader, Sports Editor of the newspaper, and a Student Ambassador. I eat, sleep and breathe sports. My future aspirations include working for ESPN or hosting the show Sports Nation.