February One Ship Award

Courtesy of Kim Bolton
Muriel, thank you for choosing me to sail on your ship and for your kind words.  You always make me feel special.  It is wonderful and unexpected to receive this award.  The hardest part about it is passing it on when so many people deserve it.
I always felt that if I received this honor I knew exactly who I would give it to.  This person works diligently at her job.  She is often the first contact when a student inquires at NEC or walks through the front door of the Administration Building. She also works just hard helping others.  She helps me with the acceptance letter process, she backs up Muriel which is no small feat in itself, and when asked she helps with projects in other departments.   She is always there with kind words and a hug.
Some, including this new recipient, may feel the ship is not traveling very far – just 2 doors down to room 107 – but in my heart I know this is the next stop.
It is my honor and privilege to present the #One Ship to one of the kindest, generous, and most caring person I know.  Linda Reinert.
Linda thank you for all you do for me, admissions,  and NEC.  I wish you smooth sailing.


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