Why Spring Semester Sucks


There are two halves that create one year at traditional colleges and universities: Fall semester and Spring semester. Although most semester finals are the same, I believe Spring has to be the most difficult semester to cross the finish line.

The Weather.

The time of the year when it starts pouring out of nowhere and you don’t know whether to wear shorts, some rain boots, or both. You could at least have fun snow tubing during the end of the Fall semester, or the duration of your winter vacation, but being smacked in the face constantly during the beginning of the Spring semester can have you wanting to keep your ass inside.

No More Football.

After a long Saturday night hanging out with friends, football Sundays will probably always be part of the typical college hangover remedy. But now that the season is already over, all ESPN will show is coverage of spring training of the MLB and the Masters Tournament.

Spring Vacation “Hangover.”

Speaking of hangovers, if you went on vacation during your Spring break, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Coming back from an extraordinary destination and staying at a four-star hotel and then transitioning back to handing in papers every week will suck…badly.

Summer is Right Around The Corner.

Sorry Christmas, but having months of hot and breezy weather and hanging out with friends back home beats holiday dinners. That anxiety only builds when you only have a couple of weeks left in the semester and you just want to get it over with.

Packing Up.

When Fall semester ends, all anyone has to worry about is packing one suitcase and a couple of their electronics and they’re on their way back home. But at the end of Spring semester, you have to pack all of your belongings, clean your room, and successfully bring all of your stuff down the stairs without anything breaking and shoving them in a cramped car.

Once Again. Summer is Right Around the Corner.

You’re eight weeks into the semester and you realize it’s almost Summer but you have yet to come up with plans. You know you could sign up for a few more internships and jobs but you’re just too lazy. Plus there will only be four weeks left to hang out with all your friends!

But don’t worry, with only a couple of days left, we can finally say goodbye to Spring Semester and hello to Summer!

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