Why You Should Love Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Foundation Line #WHYYOUSHOULD #FENTYBEAUTY


Discrimination is no secret, even when it comes to the makeup industry. Makeup companies continue to create foundation lines with poor shade ranges that exclude people of color. This has led me to wonder why these companies are not taking the time to make shade ranges large enough to include everyone. Wouldn’t targeting a larger population of people result in higher profits and a bigger tally of returning consumers? Unfortunately, in the world we live in there is always something to ruin the fun.

The lack of foundation shades does not affect everyone, but mainly people of color. Darker skin shades like “dark mocha” and “coffee bean” can be very difficult to find in the makeup industry. Foundation scales are symbols of who is welcome and who is not, based on what is available that will work for a variety of people. It is very easy to see when looking at the foundation shade charts who companies are creating makeup for, and lately they have been speaking volumes to so many consumers.

Make up entrepreneurs, like Rihanna, are making a statement to include all shades for all skin types and shades in protest of the injustice and discrimination within the makeup industry. A recent Huffington Post article stated, “makeup companies are treating foundation shades for women of color like fraternities; discriminating against what they will let in and — even more frustrating — what they will drop.”

The ugly truth of the makeup industry is coming into the light, with consumers encouraged to buy from brands who have a larger spectrum of shades as opposed to those who don’t. Out of all of my research, it is pretty clear to me that Rihanna’s makeup line, Fenty Beauty, not only encourages women of all shades to purchase their products, but that all forms of beauty are beautiful.

Popular drugstore makeup brand, L’Oreal, has 16 shades for lighter-skinned Caucasian women and only seven dark skinned shades for women of color. Another drugstore brand, Revlon, has 22 shades of lighter foundation but only six shades for darker skin while Neutrogena and Almay offered none.

I did find several lines that were specifically targeted towards women of color, such as Iman Cosmetics. It is evident that makeup lines created solely for darker skinned people are needed and appreciated when they do exist. It is important to recognize companies like Fenty Beauty who are taking extra steps to include all shades and all people. Rihanna’s makeup line fights the problem in the foundation industry head on by creating 40 shades fit for every skin color and undertone.

Why fight back with the same strategies and create a line for just one type of people, why not reshape and reform the laws put in place? Rihanna has the right idea by considering all people when creating makeup because everyone is beautiful and is worthy of a line that will include, recognize, and appreciate their beauty.



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