Marvel vs Capcom 3: A Fate of Two Worlds – Video Game Review 

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What happens when different universes from alternate dimensions collide with one another? Complete mayhem. Superheroes and villains from both sides of the Marvel and Capcom universes collide to see which universe reigns supreme and which one falls. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was released on February 15th, 2011 and is the third installment of the Marvel vs Capcom series.

Fate of two worlds gives gamers more action, violence, and overwhelming game play with an all-new star studded roster from two different franchises. New characters offer the opportunity for more match types and new characters to face off against each other. The game includes new content featuring exclusive battle arenas, characters, different match types, and new moves for older characters from the previous games. Fate of Two Worlds offers up five new custom attires for each character. Also featured are new edit tutorials featuring new and updated training facilities where players can learn more about the characters moves and finishers. This section also features a new three vs. three tag team battle royal and new crossover combinations and assistance.

The game is also the first installment to feature three-dimensional character models rather than having two-dimensional. The gaming controls are far less complicated and there are two different match simulations. The first being very simple which is the basic type for players who don’t want harder matches. The other being normal which is a difficult match type. This is better for experienced players who like more of a challenge and like the competition. Also there’s a new damaging meter which gives a player insight on how much health your character has. If the meter is low simply switch to a different character who has full extensive health. The meter is called an x-factor.

Both modes for the game include online and offline. The online mode features player rankings where players have a chance to play against each other on the X-Box and PlayStation online networks. The online multiplayer mode offers players to rank their matches and reach the leader boards to see where they stand on the official board. Also there’s an awesome “King of the Hill” single-player mode that allows eight players in a room battling it out. Other players can view licensing cards that explain a total of each players score of wins and losses, fighting styles, and points that they’ve earned while fighting. There’s also an exclusive shadow battle, where the mode is for downloadable content to battle random select characters that are programmed through the online game community.

Offline mode offers a single-player arcade mode which is the story mode leading up to fighting “The Eater of Worlds” known as Galactus, a powerful villain from Marvel’s Fantastic Four. Also on the arcade mode every character has their own select ending sequence when finishing the story. Other modes provide the versus mode, which two players can play against each other, training modes where you can train in several different training facilities, also has extensive records and playbacks from previous fights.

Fate of Two Worlds offers exciting game play with its violent fighting style format, intense flashing images, new three-dimensional models, and dream battles. It has a stacked roster with a total of thirty selected characters from both Marvel and Capcom franchises. The game is rated “Mature for all Audiences” and is for X-box and PlayStation consoles.


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