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The Bachelor of Science in Game and Digital Media Design develops the skills and expertise you will need to succeed in electronic gaming careers. Career paths include employment in public and private sector organizations, as well as “entertainment” or “serious” gaming applications.

This exciting program is cross-disciplinary, meaning you will learn about gaming and digital media design from several critically important points of view including digital imaging, technical computer skills using advanced computer-aided design software, and fundamental business management concepts to prepare you to succeed in a dynamic and entrepreneurial industry.

New England College’s BS in Game and Digital Media Design emphasizes engaged, hands-on learning and internships designed to build expertise and real world skills. You will produce interactive content within your first year of study, and internship opportunities are numerous.

Learn more about the program’s learning objectives, requirements, core and elective courses by clicking here.

Game and Digital Media Design: Learn by Doing at New England College

Application of specialized technical skills. You will build an advanced toolbox of skills demonstrating knowledge of audio/video technologies, motion graphics, and graphics production in both 2D and 3D. You will use advanced computer-aided design software such as Autodesk 3DS Max, apply physics simulations in CAD programs, and understand programming languages to write code in order to give behavior to game assets and prototype game designs in game engines.

Business management. The gaming industry is entrepreneurial. Most gaming software is sold online, and new-generation game developers are often directly responsible for marketing products and managing profit and loss. This requires a fundamental knowledge of business strategy and effective management. You will learn business concepts that include marketing, entrepreneurship, and small-business management.

Design. Learn the essential tenets of high-quality design and apply your design skills to interactive content as you build games for both entertainment and more serious learning applications.

Internships. While not required, the College strongly encourages you to complete an internship during your senior year. New Hampshire is positioning itself to be a gaming hub of the Northeast. Game Assembly, a non-profit organization in Manchester that supports workspace collaboration for gamers, established game design businesses such as Retro Affect (Meredith, NH) and Skymap Games (Manchester, NH), as well as proximity to established gaming hubs in Boston and Montreal, provide excellent opportunities for students.

Career Opportunities in Game and Digital Media Design

Industry-wide growth is projected to increase dramatically. According to Statista, in the United States alone, the value of the entertainment and media market in the United States has grown from $496 billion in 2011 to $603 billion in 2015 and is projected to grow to over $720 billion by 2020. According to David Carrigg, Software Neurosurgeon at NH-based development studio Retro Affect, annual industry revenue is projected to be $82 billion by the end of 2017.

The talent to power this growth is coming from recent college graduates, with 70% of all game developers under 34 years of age, and an average industry salary of $75,573, according to the industry group Game Developer Research.

Future growth in the industry will not just be driven by entertainment. A new area of industry development is that of “Serious Gaming,” cross-sector applications in industries such as defense, education, scientific exploration, health care, emergency management, city planning, engineering, and politics.

New England College’s program prepares students for entry-level positions such as:

  • Game Designers
  • Game Developers
  • Level Designers
  • Environment Artists
  • Animators

For more information on this program please visit the schools website, https://www.nec.edu.

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Katie is a senior Communication Studies student at New England College focusing on public relations. When she is not in class or writing for The New Englander, you can find her in the ice rink where she plays for the women's ice hockey team.
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