Flat Earth


“The Earth is flat; NASA is lying and the moon landings are all frauds!”

The Flat Earth Society is increasing in followers everyday due to the exposure that it is receiving on social media platforms everywhere. People are beginning to believe that the Earth is truly flat and holds no spherical characteristics.

According to wiki.tfes.org, our senses deceive us and cover up the true nature of the environment around us. The world looks flat, the bottom of the clouds look flat and the movement of the sun is also flat. All these examples are nature informing our sense that the spherical world does not exist.

Photographs are the number one way to prove something, because when something is visual it is harder to argue against. Pictures though, can be quite dubious; the spherical earth represented in photographs are so convenient to Photoshop and experience other alterations. Most can’t be trusted due to the lack of references.

According to their official website, flatearthsociety.org, The Flat Earth Society also believes that the Earth is the center of the solar system. The sun circles the North Pole so there is light when the sun is above your head and it’s dark when it isn’t, and the moon follows a similar route showing itself strong on the other side of the world while the sun is shining.

To be completely honest. the Flat Earth Society would have been partially correct in theory… before the Pre-Socratic era. According to theflatearthsociety.org Pre Socratic philosophers like Anaximenes of Miletus believed that the Earth is flat and rides on air just like the sun and moon and Thales, one of the Seven Sages of Greece believed that the Earth was motionless and flat. Fortunately, due to a substantial amount of scientific and technological advancements we are able to not only see the earth but measure it as well.

There is no truth behind The Flat Earth Society. Since its debut in 1956 this society has manifested through the powers of social media and other news outlets convincing people that the Earth holds no spherical characteristics. Based on the information found on Discovery.com the first person to propose the idea of a circular Earth was Pythagoras in around 500 B.C. He went based off of aesthetic grounds instead of physical evidence, because he believed that a sphere was the perfect shape. There is a possibility that Aristotle could have proposed a spherical Earth with physical evidence in around 350 B.C. He pointed out that different constellations are visible the further you travel away from the equator.

After analyzing the information gathered on the Flat Earth Society and the discovery of the spherical world there is substantial evidence that the Earth is in fact spherical. FES truly believes that NASA and the government has developed this hoax of a round Earth to deceive the people of this world and reap the financial benefits. After NASA debuted in 1958, which was two years after the founding of FES, NASA scientifically studied the Earth and its many characteristics including size, climate change research and much more. With all their findings NASA is able to predict the weather, calculate the distance between different locations whether its on Earth or  in space, understand natural disasters and finding ways to control and prevent them and other positive enhancements.

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Chris is a senior student pursuing a bachelor's degree in Communications. He has participated in The New Englander for two semesters contributing to the student life and opinion sections as well as being a student athlete. He is from Lynn, Massachusetts and enjoys surfing and hanging out with his friends. Chris will graduate in Spring of 2019.
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