5 Rules To Surviving College


For many first time college students, the joy of starting four years of undergrad can feel at first like a dream come true. But as the school years drag along, there comes a point when we realize it isn’t all peaches and cream. Between being the new kid all over again, and having to figure out how to money manage, college can go from being what feels like a great new adventure to a rollercoaster ride you’re dying to get off. Here are the top 5 rules you should know to survive college!

#1. Try to find a balance.

College is a combination of academic and social events. With that said having a balance is key if you’re not only trying to survive your first year, but college and beyond. For many students particularly freshman it becomes easy to submit to the college lifestyle, but as long as you remember why you’re in school, there’s no reason why one can’t make stability a priority.

#2. Put yourself out there.

Are you feeling as though you don’t belong? Don’t worry it’s completely normal. Although you should give yourself time don’t waste time either. Building great relationships with your peers, professors, and overall campus family is not only great for having someone to go to the school cafe with, but also post-college. Developing relationships while you’re in school can be great during your college years but also after the the fact.

#3. Make time for yourself.

Be sure to make time for yourself whether it be going to the gym, lounging in the library, or enjoying a solo lunch, don’t be afraid to have some you-time. Give yourself a break.

#4. Make Good Grades.

Although you may already be an overachiever, getting good grades is an essential part of surviving through college. By striving to do your best you are setting yourself up for an academically stress free four years, as well as top of the line internships and a potential job waiting for you after school.

#5. Save your money.

If your not much of a penny pincher, now is the time to start. Between books, food, and anything else that can suck your wallet dry it’s no wonder so many college students go broke, some even finding themselves in credit card debt. The key is finding ways to stretch your money, and making it last.

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I am a Sophomore at NEC, majoring in Communications & Creative Writing. I am currently a writer for the New Englander and my future aspirations include working for either CNN, ENews or any job that would allow me to pursue my dreams in broadcast journalism.
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