How to Battle Homesickness

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College is fun, stressful, and exciting all in one. For some, “home” is a 15-minute drive away, or even just a few hours; for others, it’s a 6-hour flight or more. Regardless of the distance, homesickness can set in. Although, for those of us who live many hours away, missing what is familiar is completely normal.

Homesickness can creep up at any point during the year, but there are some steps you can take to overcome it.

  1. Utilize FaceTime

Calling home, especially over FaceTime, is one way to see the people or animals you miss. Whether you call just to see your dog’s cute face, or to see a friend/family member to talk about home and your new experiences, FaceTime helps you see them from miles away.

  1. Make Plans

Getting out of your dorm helps to distract you from what you miss back home. Surrounding yourself with your friends will help keep you busy, but will also help you create a support system away from home. If you are an athlete, distract yourself with practice; keeping your mind off of home is key in not missing it.

  1. Make Your Room Cozy and Comfortable

Making your new room a “home away from home” is important. Whether it’s adding extra blankets and pillows or pictures to your walls, feeling at home in your new place can ease the homesickness.

  1. Make a Homemade Meal

Although not all dorms have kitchens, befriending someone in a dorm with a kitchen or having a friend off campus makes this possible. Cooking a meal that reminds you of home can put you at ease, while also making you feel less far away.

  1. Ask Someone To Visit

Bringing someone familiar to your new “home” helps in many ways. First, it helps you stop missing whoever comes to visit, especially when they can stay for a few days. Second, showing them around your new town helps combine the two worlds and helps you create new memories with a familiar face in a new place.

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No matter how hard homesickness is hitting you, whether just a little or a whole lot, always remember that there are school breaks where you can go home and visit what you’re missing.


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Cortney is a sophomore at NEC. She is pursuing a dual bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology with a minor in Business Administration. When she’s not writing for the paper, she is a women’s ice hockey player from California.
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