I should be doing homework


When it comes down to a critical moment and I need to get work done, there’s always something that slows me down.

As a Communications major, a lot of people might think writing comes easy to me. While I do enjoy writing, I just kind of suck at it. When I struggle to write about specific topics my dear friend, procrastination, always knows how to get me.

I do try my best to get all my assignments done early, due to my ongoing battle with my bad memory. When I am not able to, I end up working right to the last minute. For example, this current article is just about at that final wire.

First thing I do to prepare myself for said homework, is sit at my desk and open my laptop. Once I’m comfortable in my dorm desk chair, that makes me feel like I’m going to fall to my death every time I lean back, I am all set to get started. My first thirty to forty minutes are usually pretty productive but once those are up, there’s no point of return.

I notice that things start to take a turn for the worst when I need a moment to “think.” This time period usually consists of my brain trying to form sentences that never end up relating to the topic I’m writing about or I end up talking to myself about how I need to finish my work. I also often make eye contact with myself in my small desk mirror and end up looking at my face. That then progresses to me applying face masks for the next half hour.

While I wait for my face mask to dry, I pull out my phone and jump from app to app and land eventually on TikTok. Tiktok is the app that eats up the majority of my time, and it is never usually worth it. The videos make me laugh but never make me productive. Once I finally snap out of my Tiktok mesmerization, I add a new sentence or two.

Staring at my page worth of work, I try to get more focused. I put my music on shuffle and begin to chip away. This doesn’t always seem to go in my favor sometimes. Depending on my mood the music hits a little too close to home. This can only result in one or two things. Either a one person dance off, or staring off into space while I think about things I can’t control.

Although it may not seem like it, I am the type of student who wants to progress and do well in all my classes. I tend to get bad anxiety if I don’t feel prepared for class or if I really am struggling. Knowing how I am when it comes down to those moments, you would think I could pull it together to write one simple essay.

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Hi I'm Rachel Senechal. I'm from small town in Connecticut and I am a senior here at NEC. I am a part of the NEC Softball team. I enjoy spending my time taking pictures with friends and staying active. I usually write about what's on my mind or what is important to me.
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