What is Real Love?


Real love is an unshakeable bond. A sacred temple that cannot be broken unless the love was never real. Real love is romantic and not temporary. Real love is when two souls forge into one whole person forever. Real love is worthiness to one’s other partner and vice versa. Real love is powerful. When used the right way it can last a lifetime but nowadays the word “Love” is being thrown around too much. It is used to manipulate others and toy with their emotions.

I’m 20 years old, what do I know about love? I mean, knowing my parents were married for so many years before I was born is a blessing. Love is being around that person, the lifestyle you embrace with them, the moments you cherish that count. Don’t be with someone if you can’t truly see them in the long run in life; you can build a connection with someone and build a life with them, creating life with them. It is a rough, hard road to find a genuine person in this lifetime, yet when you don’t search, when you least expect it that person will come within your path. You could walk right past them and don’t even notice, they could be someone who works at a store, they could sit right next to you in class.

Use your Heart, you see other couples  that don’t last long, but those who last long seem to build upon the relationships they have. Never move into a relationship too quickly, it won’t feel natural if the two partners move fast within the relationship. Which is why building up to grow as a unit is always the key part of a healthy life; communication is the way to protect the temple you secure for yourselves. Because the truth will set you free, lying will get you nowhere, except bring consequences and heartache within yourself and those around you.

If you do truly fall in love, that real love, make sure your partner is a friend first before growing the bond that can’t be broken. The possibilities are endless, but you must be patient for the time will come; when the time is right hold onto it, and it will turn out to be wonderful. That bond will withstand the test of time: trust your mind, trust your heart, trust your soul when you find and have that real love with you.

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