Farewell to our Editor-in-Chief


Saying farewell to The NewEnglander as she graduates in the winter is Editor-in-Chief, Sydni Geisler. She has been involved with The NewEnglander since her freshman year.

“I got started with The NewEnglander after Professor William Homestead had urged me to come to a meeting following the first article I submitted my freshman year during my Intro to Journalism course,” said Geisler.

The environment was instantly very amicable, as Geisler enjoyed her writing freedom.

“The first meeting I went to was super fun and welcoming, and as a club member there was no pressure on me to write a lot or on a deadline. It was nice to be in control of what I wanted to write,” said Geisler.

For any new students to the school, Geisler says that it’s good to get experience, and it’s best to get started right away if you have interest.

“Having The NewEnglander on my resume is my strongest experience. Since I’ve been a part of it for four years, it has given me a lot of practical experience to use on my resume. The title of “Editor-in-Chief” is such a great thing to have up my sleeve, even if it is just in relation to my school newspaper as opposed to a professional news outlet,” said Geisler.

Even beyond the practical experience, the relationships formed with students and faculty were worthwhile.

“Staying involved in this has opened up a lot of relationships with professors and staff here at NEC. Colleen McElveen, for example, is a professor that I have come to know through this outlet and she has so many great connections that open up the door for students,” she added.

As for her plans after graduation, Geisler isn’t quite sure what the future holds, but she plans to keep on the same path.

“I plan to move back west after graduation and pursue a career in journalism, marketing, or communications as a whole. I’m still not entirely sure what I will end up doing, but I know that no matter where I go, working on The NewEnglander will have helped me get there,” said Geisler.

Whatever Sydni ends up doing, we’ll miss her here at The NewEnglander!

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Emily Geisler

So proud of you, Sydni!