A Call for Change


Dear New England College,

I thank you for all the positive memories that you have blessed with me. However, through my time here I have faced many battles that could’ve been solved through fixing the simple problems we have here. I am not saying that this is all negative or I would change a thing because it has shaped me to who I am today.

Personalities here at NEC are honestly scary. I came to this school gullible and looked at the positive in everyone. However, in the past four years that is not the case anymore. This campus is full greedy people who want to take, and take, and take without giving back. Between the faculty claiming student work as their own or the students draining the kindness of others who are continuously helping them. I have ended countless of relationships because of this. I have witnessed relationships end over petty arguments and competitions. We say that we are a welcoming environment but there have been multiple times that I have felt like nothing but an outsider. What kills me the most is that it is easy to distinguish that there are individuals here at NEC that are power hungry no matter the cost.

When we get to college it is drilled into our brains that we are on our own, but the school treats us completely different. I found that if I had a problem that wasn’t getting answered for days or week at a time, that the parents page would get an answer in 5 minutes. Additionally, the school cares more about the image that is perceived through the parents then the students who are actually on campus. We have a constant problem of staff changing and no coverage being provided. The communication is a huge problem here, especially when it is important to everyday tasks and society.

I feel like I am always jumping through hoops, running through offices, or reading endless of emails trying to find the answer or solutions in the fine print of the little to no information we get. The saying it’s a dog eats dog world is forever clear here in the school community.


A senior asking for change.

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