NEC Student Athlete Seniors

Photo by: alexiscallphotography
Photo by: alexiscallphotography
Photo by: alexiscallphotography
Photo by: alexiscallphotography

This week was a big week for the Senior student athletes at NEC. The men’s soccer, women’s soccer, field hockey, and volleyball teams all had their senior games.  

The Field Hockey team have Drea Chin, Neve Demarest, Giuliana Kevlin, Lilli McCormack, Jackie Mountford, Jessika Oyola, Alivia Proulx, MaKenzie Reed and Mikayla Vincent. These seniors have led the team to an 11-6 record and will travel to Maine to play in the playoffs. 

The Volleyball team has Nyah Piper, Livia Elfering, Samantha Vargas and Jaycie Kodama leading them into playoffs, where they will be hosting Mitchell on Thursday. 

The Men’s Soccer team has the most seniors. They have Brendan Hickey, Alex Rust, Connor Manteau, jake Natola, Connor Fallon, Eli Leonard, Alec Irving, Wiskens Flavil, Robenson Saintil, and Cooper Ribaudo. They host Mitchell on Wednesday for the semifinals.  

The Womens Soccer team has Mackenzie Fels, Emma Rice, Lauren Hobson, Felicia Glanberg, Reese Hultgren, Sofia Gomez Pedreira, and Brianna Lynch. They are also hosting Mitchell on Thursday for the semifinals. 

Covid affected all the seniors, as they lost seasons due to it. “We had one full year of sports in 2019, then the next year we didn’t exactly have a season” said Senior midfielder on the Field Hockey team Lilli McCormack. This led to a lot of adversity within the athletic department, and for all the players. 

There is a big bond within the NEC athletic community, and it has caused the creation of many lifelong friendships. “NEC has helped me create bonds with people that will last a lifetime” said Brendan Hockey, a defenseman on the men’s soccer team. “Being on my team or any team here you automatically generate friendships and a respect for one another” said Lauren Hobson, a midfielder on the women’s soccer team.  

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