Students weigh in on limited fast-food options


Fast food and chain restaurants are not found around the New England College (NEC) campus in Henniker, New Hampshire. The closest fast-food restaurant is a Dunkin Donuts on Route 202, which is roughly a 10-minute drive from the campus.

To find out what NEC students thought of this, I went around campus and asked if they would like to see more fast food and chain options near campus.

Click here to watch the video on The NewEnglander’s TikTok Account.

Most of the students I interviewed want more fast-food options while some others opposed it due to how it could complicate small businesses.

“As a college student a McDonald’s is open almost all the time it’s best for late night food,” said NEC student Jason Mercado.

“I think a lot of what makes Henniker beautiful is that it is devoid from big business. You have a lot of small stores which I’d much rather see,” student Gabe Reynolds said.


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