NEC Students on the air with WNEC


The student DJ’s at WNEC have been hard at work this semester to bring students entertaining content in multiple forms such as music and podcasts.

“We can broadcast pretty much anything, news, sports, and music as long as it’s appropriate, we can do a plethora of things even if it is controversial, we can still put it out there, we like to have fun and allow you to play whatever you want,” said WNEC Student Station Manager Jason Mercado.

WNEC has also seen a lot of growth this past year due to help from station manager Colleen McElveen, Mercado said. McElveen also serves as the Advisor to The NewEnglander.

Photo provided by WNEC-FM

“I got to give a lot of credit to Colleen, she has done so much for the program, she has gotten people involved and gotten administration involved, for us we are just finding students who are interested, but she has really gotten this program back on track,” said Mercado.

WNEC’s shows are all hosted by NEC students and there is a little something for everybody with more on the way in the future.

“I think we have five or six on air shows then we have three or four podcasts going right now and I know that there are more coming in,” said Mercado.

WNEC also helps and hosts events around campus.

“We help with events around the school, and we have Quadfest next semester, we will be running the music and everything for that, it will be a lot of fun,” said Mercado.

Students can listen to WNEC at and click play in the top right corner to tune into the live stream.

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