Elevate club to host vintage fashion show


Elevate, NEC’s fashion club, will be hosting their first fashion show Thursday, November 30 at 7 pm. Models will begin their walk at 8 pm. Elevate will be accepting last minute sign ups up until 6 pm the day of the event. Contestants need to get to the great room by 6pm to get ready.

The show will have a vintage theme, according to Co-President Kayla Doan.

“We had five different options and we had all of our members vote and we also agreed vintage was more of a broad topic and we wanted to choose a topic everyone could participate in,” said Doan.

Contestants who have already signed up will have help getting ready, but last-minute contestants won’t be offered as much guidance.

Lauren Kayondo, the Co-President of Elevate said one of the goals is to increase club membership.

“We want to get people more involved with fashion and for our club to keep going on even after we graduate and to just get more people to open up in their own ways,” said Kayondo.

For more information, email Kayla Doan or Lauren Kayondo:



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