NH National Guard to be sent to Mexican border following Gov. Sununu’s request


New Hampshire lawmakers approved a request from Governor Chris Sununu to send up to 15 National Guard members to the US-Mexico border. In a written request on February 13, Sununu asked lawmakers for $850,000. The request was approved on February 16.  

According to the letter Sununu sent to New Hampshire lawmakers, he visited Texas on February 4, where he was informed on the state of the border by local authorities. “While Texas has done admirable work in securing their border, they still need additional manpower and resources absent the Federal Government’s support,” Sununu wrote. 

In the letter Sununu said human trafficking and the drug crisis are threatening Americans.

Photo courtesy of NH.gov

NEC Politics Professor Dr. Nathan Shrader said the move was a “desperate” attempt to save face with Donald Trump. 

“Sununu is playing a cynical game to show his fealty to the MAGA movement by latching on to the nativist fervor driving that wing of the party. This is not a fiscally responsible decision for Granite Staters or a necessary one, but it is a politically motivated gimmick from the governor,” Shrader said. 

According to a Facebook post by the NH National Guard, the Guardsmen will be stationed in Eagle Pass, Texas on active duty up to 90 days under the direction of the Texas Military Department. It’s unclear when they deploy. 

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