From NEC to New York: Guershon Villiere’s Story


Skateboarding and snowboarding are two activities that people can be very passionate about. Guershon Villiere developed his love for skating and snowboarding while he was at New England College. Villiere came to NEC as a lacrosse player, but when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down sports in 2020, he needed a new activity.

“Through Covid and all, it really helped me, because during the time we couldn’t play lacrosse anymore or be around people so we would go to the skatepark and skate,” Villiere said.

When not snowboarding or skating, Villiere teaches snowboarding and skateboarding lessons. He teaches while also working at the Burton flagship store in New York City, so each day can look a little different.

“I like to keep my days different because I get bored easily, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday I teach skateboarding in the mornings,” Villiere said.

Villiere performing a trick on a quarter pipe at a skatepark. Photo Courtesy Of: Guershon Villiere

Even with everything he has going on, Villiere still finds time for what he loves: snowboarding and skateboarding.

“I try to fill up my free time by skating and snowboarding to keep my skills sharp,” Villiere said.

During his time at NEC, Villiere was also a regular at local Henniker favorite Pat’s Peak.

“I would live at Pat’s Peak, I was there every morning and afternoon after classes and practice,” Villiere said.

Villiere credits NEC for his success in snowboarding and skateboarding.

“If it wasn’t for NEC I would not be snowboarding or skateboarding today,” Villiere said.

Villiere stays very active on his social media accounts. Stay up to date with everything he is doing on his Instagram at th3kid6 and his YouTube channel at Th3kid6.

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