Bookmark: IOS or Andriod Mobile Apps Icons

Thank you for visiting our website. We love being Mobile, Please check out the new way you can view us from your mobile Home screen.

Iphone App Icon

The below are the steps to set up this mobile icon on to the home screen on IOS. (please find the screenshots attached)
1. Open on your Iphone/Ipad/MAC using SAFARI browser (please only use the default IOS Safari browser to make it easier).

1. Open in Safari
a. You will see a Share Icon (Up arrow in a box) in the bottom center of the screen when the browser with is opened. Click the Share Icon
2. Now click “Add to Home Screen”

2. click little share icon in the center and click Add to homescreen
3. Rename the website to “New Englander” or something shorter to fit with the screen icon and click ADD

3. rename the website to New Englander or something short
4. The “New Englander” is now on the home screen of your Iphone, Ipad or any other IOS device.

4. the bookmark is now on the home screen


For android, Windows and other mobiles

Please click on below reference link to know how to add New Englander Mobile App Icon to your Homescreen on your Andriod or other Mobile OS.