An Argument for President Trump


This is an argument for why Donald J. Trump should be President of the United States. This 2016 election cycle, unique for so many reasons, is also unique for a far more vital reason that is often overlooked: this is possibly the first election in American history that has dire consequences if we make the wrong choice. This election transcends politics; it is an election that has true cultural and societal implications, an election that will truly decide who we want to be as a people.

As Senator Marco Rubio said during the Republican debates: “This election is truly a referendum. On our identity, as a nation, as a people. Our future is at stake. This election is not about the past, it is about what kind of country this is going to be in the 21st century. And if we elect someone like Barack Obama, a Hillary Clinton, a Bernie Sanders, or anyone like that, our children are going to be the first Americans to inherit a diminished country.”

To understand which candidate is best for the future of America, one must understand this necessity, how if we continue with the course the democratic party has us on, the results will be disastrous.

According to the Wall Street Journal, under Barack Obama we have seen the worst economic recovery since the 40’s. We also face the most divisive racial tensions since the 60’s, and more debt accumulated than all previous Presidential Administrations combined. Americans have not seen a wage increase in 8 years, and we have had an increase of 13 million more Americans on food-stamps (Breitbart). A Forbes study found that we face higher health care costs and premiums than ever before, as a result of the administration’s “affordable-care act” completely backfiring. Our inner-cities are plagued with crime, corruption, poverty, and rampant use of hardcore narcotics. ISIS is now active in at least eighteen countries that we know of, where they have operational command and control in at least five (Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Nigeria, Libya). Russia has no respect for us anymore, after the failed 2009 “reset,” which many say has created a “Cold War II” atmosphere in the international community. North Korea and Iran openly threaten us without retribution, at times even striking us with cyber-attacks, and are sometimes even compensated for their efforts by the Administration (through the atrocious Iran Nuclear deal).

How can we expect Hillary Clinton to reverse and address these national issues? We only have to look as far as Barack Obama’s 2008 radio campaign ad during the democratic primaries, which stated: “Hillary Clinton, she’ll say anything, and change nothing.”

There’s an old saying that, “the times make the man,” and right now that man is Donald Trump. This is a time that demands a strong leader, a leader who stands for the American people. Trump, unlike his opponent, is not owned by special interests and lobbyists; he has published his ethics reform plan that addresses lobbying, particularly foreign lobbying, extensively. Hillary Clinton has taken millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, among other oppressive regimes that discriminate against women and gays.

As Edward Snowden said: “2016: a choice between Donald Trump and Goldman Sachs.” Trump will command respect around the world, respect we haven’t had in years.

In a time where we face rampant illegal immigration through our southern border, amidst the backdrop of a global middle east refugee crisis, Trump is the leader we need who will execute strong immigration policy, ensuring that no one who is a risk to the United States will ever be able to enter the United States. While we wish we can do the humanitarian thing and allow these populations safe refuge, the Directors of the FBI, CIA, and the Director of National Intelligence all agree: there is no effective way to vet these refugees for terror affiliations. In a time that demands strong immigration policy, to reinforce our national security objectives, a President Trump will make America safe again; whereas Hillary Clinton has done nothing but ride the coattails of the Obama administration, echoing his cries to recklessly let in these unchecked populations by the hundreds of thousands, with no regard for our homeland security.

One only has to look as far as Europe to understand the dangers this presents: the mass number of sexual assaults, violence, and terrorism committed across Europe by displaced middle eastern and north african refugees–refugees who come from a highly intolerant culture that is repressive, abusive, sexist, and homophobic, a culture that openly uses and employs violence, violence that radical muslims use their religion to justify…all while enjoying the social benefits and welfare provided by the far-left socialist policies of Western Europe, who have welcomed them in with open arms only to be stabbed in the back. This is a population that will not assimilate to American values, or to our culture, the way so many of our ancestors did, as so many immigrant populations have in the past. This is a situation ISIS has already exploited, to infiltrate the West.

As Trump said in his nomination acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, “anyone who endorses violence, hatred, or oppression is not welcome in our country, and never ever will be.”

Trump will take a hardline stance, and protect America from the cancer that is ISIS and radical islamic terrorism. In 1995, a military policy committee within USSTRATCOM (United States Strategic Command) concluded in its document “Essentials of Post-Cold War Deterrence” that our ability to exercise global deterrence would be hurt, by portraying our leaders as “calm,” or “rational.”

The document states that, “”The fact that some elements may appear to be potentially ‘out of control’ can be beneficial to creating and reinforcing fears and doubts in the minds of an adversary’s decision makers. This essential sense of fear is the working force of deterrence. That the U.S. may become irrational and vindictive if its vital interests are attacked should be part of the national persona we project to all adversaries.”

Evidence supporting this document exists within the “madman theory” used by President Nixon. Despite his controversial reputation as a “crook,” due to his use of illegal wiretaps, President Nixon is often underrated for his foreign policy achievements. Nixon’s strategy revolved around depicting himself to foreign governments as volatile, irrational, or hot-headed. Essentially, a “madman.”

This strategy was critical in ending the Vietnam war, and with keeping the Soviet Union at bay with Nixon’s unique brand of brinksmanship. The famous political philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli said in 1517 that, “it is a very wise thing to simulate madness.”

This is why a Trump administration is crucial not just at home, but also in maintaining global stability. Trump’s unpredictable, nimble, outspoken nature will throw our enemies off and keep them guessing. His opponents have called his temperament a flaw, whereas in reality it will keep rogue nations such as North Korea and Iran in check. When Trump eviscerates the Islamic State with overwhelming totality and efficiency, it will send a message to the rest of the world, that America will finally root out and destroy terrorism, and that terror will no longer have a safe haven anywhere on the planet.

Trump will restore the idea of putting America first. As he said earlier this year on the campaign trail, “We will no longer surrender this country, or it’s people, to the false-song of globalism. The nation state remains the true foundation of happiness, and harmony.” And during another speech, “Americanism NOT globalism, will be our credo!”

No longer will we sit idly be and accept companies outsourcing jobs from America, robbing hardworking Americans of their careers.Trump will re-negotiate trade deals, and stop the major outsourcing of jobs from the United States. We have no obligation to the world to put ourselves at risk by opening the floodgates to unchecked refugees, and possible ISIS infiltrators. America first.

He will nominate common-sense judges to the Supreme Court, Libertarian/Constitutionalist judges who will protect our civil rights and civil liberties, such as the 1st, 2nd, and 4th amendment, which are often under attack by the Democratic Party.

Lastly, one of the most important reasons as to why a Trump Presidency is so vital, is that it will smash political correctness into oblivion. Political correctness, this “outrage” culture we are becoming, largely fueled by left-wing self-proclaimed “social justice warriors” is having a terrible impact on free speech in America. “P.C.” culture is keeping us from having open and honest debate about many issues, out of fear of “offending” someone. This “language policing” by far-left liberals must end if we plan on reversing many of the challenges facing our country.

Trump’s open, honest, and outspoken nature will reverse this damage that the politically correct left has done to free speech in America. Trump will be brutally honest, and “say it like it is,” which will truly raise the level of debate in this country beyond what we can even imagine.

This is my argument, my appeal as to why Donald Trump is qualified for the oval office. We must reclaim the White House from the Democratic Party that occupies it. We cannot stay on the trajectory that the Democratic Party has us on, for it will lead to more unrest, more instability, more challenges, and more restriction. The Democrat philosophy has failed our cities such as Detroit, Chicago, and St. Louis, where the democrats have been in power for decades, are suffering from extreme corruption, crime, poverty, and hardcore narcotics use. Now, the Democrats in the White House are taking the country as a whole down the same dark path, a path of more spending, higher taxes, and more government. The answer is less Government, not more.

Ronald Reagan once said that, “Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.” Trump’s brand of limited government, that is in line with libertarian and republican values, is what we need to correct the course we are on.

A Trump administration truly has the potential to make America great again, for all of us, and for generations to come.

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