Henniker Cafe Under New Ownership Come Spring


Abby’s Café located at 17 Bridge St. will be under new ownership as of April this year. The current owner, Abby Reed, made the difficult decision to sell her café so that she could move forward and start her family.

“It was a very difficult decision to make though, I kind of feel like I’m trading one child for the other,” Reed said.

Reed said the new owner will be changing the name of the business.

“I’m not actually selling the business name, I’m selling everything else and holding onto the name,” she said.

Reed is open to the possibility of owning a small business again in the future.

“My dream is to maybe come back to this one day or maybe have a small coffee shop/bakery.  Not as full-scale as we have here, but something small or possibly a food truck,” she said.

When asked about the best and worst part about owning her own business, Reed emphasized that the most rewarding part of her job is the community.

“I just love the regulars that come in here, the college kids that come in here, the staff and all the local businesses that support us. The hardest thing has been the economy, so the rise in cost of everything between labor and food and other goods,” Reed said.

Before buying the building in 2020, Reed worked at the former St. George’s Café on and off since 2011. This experience helped her start her own successful small business, even with the Covid-19 pandemic striking just three months later, she said.

Reed’s inspiration in starting her café include the owner of St. George’s Cafe, Betsy, and her grandmother.

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