4 Quick Tips you need to know about natural hair #BlackGirlMagic


Being a natural-sista’ myself I wish I would have read more articles about natural hair, so I figured why not write one. Being natural since 16 years old and currently 20, I’ve decided to relay 4 tips in celebration for my 4 years of being natural. Not only have I loved it, I’ve been able to let my confidence grow more than I could imagine.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Tip #1. Always, I mean Always, Protect your hair at night.

Tip #1 is very near and dear to my heart. Many mornings I’ve had to set my alarm extra early just so I could have enough time to rehydrate my hair before going to class because I was too lazy to wear a bonnet. Not protecting your hair with things like a silk bonnet, a du-rag, silk or elastic scarves can not only remove all of the nutrients and hydration from hair, but it can tangle and break your ends off.

Tip #2. Drink Water, water and… oh, more water.

Water not only helps you stay hydrated for events throughout the day, but also keeps your hair follicles hydrated and ready for growth when prompted. Not only that, water can also clear your skin, which is hand’s down the greatest bonus when it comes to being natural.

Tip #3. Olive oil, Coconut oil and Avocado oil.

Oils are essential for natural hair. There are many oil treatments and mask treatments you can do with just these 3 ingredients, but anyone by themselves can have their hair shining and ready in no time. They come in many forms as well, but my favorite would have to be the spray bottle form. It is quick and easy to access when on the fly on a regular busy day. Oil is also essential for heat protection and for the  growth of natural hair. Oil applications should be regularly applied whenever there is time for it.

Tip #4. Blow-drying your roots.

Blow-drying your roots is something you should do at least once a month. Not only could you do oil treatments after blowing out your hair, you could also see your dead ends and trim them. There are many cute styles you could do after this quick process. My go-to is twisting my hair back up into jumbo twists and taking them out in the morning for a nice flowy jumbo curl.

There is no set number of tips and guidelines for maintaining your hair while natural. I learn new things about what my hair needs almost every other day. But these four tips seem to be working for all natural- sistas, and have saved my hair in desperate times. Thank you for reading and remember black is beautiful.

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