Golden Kamuy Review 


Golden Kamuy is a manga series that is written and illustrated by Satoru Noda. The series is translated into English then published by Viz Media. The show is currently being adapted into an anime which can be streamed on the website Crunchyroll. There is a new episode out every Monday, and there are going to be twelve episodes for this season.

The series is about a man named Saichi “Immortal” Sugimoto after the Russo-Japanese War going to Hokkaido to try to make money off of a gold rush. While there, he learns about hidden Ainu gold that could make him rich. The person who hid the gold is in prison for killing all the Ainu who were guarding the fortune. While in jail he had other prisoners ink parts of a code onto their bodies that would lead to the gold. He promised tattooed prisoners a portion of the gold if they could break out of jail. The main character Saichi Sugumoto must hunt down these prisoners not knowing how many there are or even where to begin to look. He also has to watch his back since anyone who knows of this hidden fortune are willing to kill for it. Saichi won’t have to do it alone though since he has help from an Ainu girl named Asirpa.

I have been enjoying reading the manga series. The artwork is well done, and the story has kept me gripped and wanting more. Even though this series is very violent and action-packed there are moments of humor that are scattered throughout. I have only read the first three books so far and can’t wait to see how the story progresses. I have not started the anime yet I am excited to see how it was adapted. From the trailer and other little clips, it looks pretty good. The characters are interesting especially the main characters Saichi Sugimoto and Asirpa. Saichi Sugimoto is known as the Immortal Sugimoto because during his time in the Russo-Japenese War he was an unkillable demon on the battlefield. Asirpa is a young Ainu girl that helps Sugimoto survive in the wilderness. I enjoy the dynamic that they have together since they learn from one another.

The most interesting part of the series has been learning about the Ainu people in Hokkaido. Through the story, readers get to learn more and more about these people getting to know their culture, stories, traditions and so on. Before reading this, I had no clue about the Ainu people, now I find myself interested in them.

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