Halloween in Salem


For the last three decades, the number one spot in the world for Halloween festivities is Salem, Massachusetts. Salem draws tourists from all over the world. Just this past weekend, a Fox 25 news reporter visited the town and asking people where they were traveling from. He received answers as far as France, Australia and New Zealand. This is seemingly the number once place due to the fact that it is known for all the witchcraft and witches that have lived there for hundreds of years.

Trying to drive through the town during this month is almost impossible. The town shuts down almost all of their streets and has a huge carnival set up on top of all the haunted houses, bars, and restaurants that are already there. Almost every one you see is wearing a different costume and it is pretty cool to experience them all first hand. There are many tours and haunted hay rides and pumpkin patch festivals. You always have to keep your eyes peeled for people hiding ready to jump out and try and scare you all over town.

Salem, Massachusetts is also extremely nice due to the fact that it resides right on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean waterfront. The city turns an old sail ship into a haunted pirate ship and it is really cool on-the-water attraction. Most adults that go with their kids look for these common attractions while the young adults move more towards the haunted bar crowds. You get to meet a lot of cool people from all around the world as well as those from the North Shore who get to call it home. It is also interesting to check out the famous wax museum downtown which is a huge attraction for families and tourists.

The local food has a lot of Phantom Gourmet reviews that you could check out in one of the travel brochures located in the visitor center in downtown for tourists. You get to have a good bite to eat, great drink, and a great scare all in one visit. With this being the number one spot in the world for Halloween, you would be silly to not go check it out at least one day in October if you cannot make it on the actual 31st.


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