Super Smash Bros. is a fighting style, multiplayer game where different characters from other video games crossover resulting in an amazing adventure where your favorite characters from different dimensions go head to head with one another. This game is great for three reasons the downloadable content, the two fighting modes and the overall graphics.

The characters from the Smash Bros. franchise are often properties and characters from Nintendo games. The Smash Bros. 2014 edition features two modes, a fast paced fighting mode meant for gathering of competitive friends and a second mode that is more casual paced fighting meant for a family environment. The features that are included in this game is the ability to have a total of eight players battle on the WII U, with additional downloadable content, exclusive Nintendo characters, stages, and custom-made move sets for the characters included in the game. The downloadable content features several different characters featuring on both the Nintendo 3DS and the WII U.

On the WII U, there’s a multiplayer mode, including different types of special attacks that you can use to throw your opponent off the stage. When battling, if your character is hit with damage then the percentage on the screen rises when your fighter is wounded. If sudden damage increases more than it’s expected and your character disappears into the back ground, that fighter is defeated by a knockout (K.O.).

For the Nintendo 3DS, it’s the same features The 3DS has three-dimensional graphics with shaded outlines of the characters, which is an optional feature. It also includes two gaming modes one being Smash Run, an open world where you get to travel and face computerized opponents. After defeating your opponents you can level up and race against other players. Street Smash offers a mode where you can only hit special attacks on your opponent and knock them off the stage.

New additions to the game include Mii fighters which are self created versions of yourself that you can play as. Mii’s can be seen in both the Wii U and the 3DS and both consoles have online multiplayer access where your friends can make up new rules and create match ups. Online gaming with strangers is divided into two modes which are For Fun and For Glory. For Fun offers players to battle in random selected arenas, timed matches and Omega arenas are only permitted in this mode. Omega arenas are considered as the final destination stage where you just battle it out to the death. For Glory includes 1v1 battles and also has a record of wins and losses in your previous matches.

Smash Bros. is an exciting game to play and is fun for all players and is considered to be one of the best games ever produced for Nintendo. It is fun for ages as it is family friendly and doesn’t include blood or explicit content. The game offers up to about fifty-eight players characters in its roster perhaps creating the biggest roster in the franchise and more access ability to different gaming modes and extensive game play. With its 3D dimensional graphics, extended character roster, and exciting match ups Smash Bro’s has a lot to offer gamers.

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