Tom Brady’s Quick Retirement


Earlier in the semester, I did an article about Tom Brady retiring and how it would impact the sports world, especially football. While it affected the National Football League, it was for a little over a month into the offseason until Brady decided he was not entirely done yet, as he announced his return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
There is no doubt he still has it in him to play at an elite level in the NFL, as he led the entire league last year in passing yards (5,316) and passing touchdowns (43). He did this at the age of 44.
While he most likely wants to go out on a Super Bowl championship, to some, it may seem like it is time for him to be done. He is 44 years old, after all. He could stay retired and still be the best to play while also being the only one to be still playing at his top level at the end of his career. It raises the question, isthee somewhat addicted to the competition, the game of football itself, maybe he’s addicted to winning.
It seems like someone who has accomplished as much as he would be content to retire from their profession and relax with their family for the rest of their life. That shows that Tom Brady isn’t just someone; he’s one of the most significant sports figures in history and possibly a little crazy.

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