Black Girl Problems: How black girls can get ready for summer!


As we all know finals are around the corner and before we know it, summer vacation will be here! So before we become stressed and forget where our social life went because we’re in the library everyday, here’s a few step for black girls to get their glow up for the summer:

  1. Drink water. I can write a whole column on why drinking water is important! But I’ll give you three reasons. 1.It helps your insides. 2. It clears your skin (clear skin in the summer is a major key) and last but not least it provides ENERGY (which you’ll need all summer long!).
  2. Protective hair style! Another major key for black girls. In the summer time, your hair can change due to the humidity and weather. So you want to rock hairstyles that’ll protect your natural/ relaxed hair but still look cute. Braids in any style, faux locks and even weaves (if you want to deal with that down your back) is another summer major key.
  3. Sunscreen (yes, black girls need sunscreen, please don’t think you don’t need it because you’re chocolate). You know that saying, “Black don’t crack?” Well, only part of that is true. Black skin has increased melanin production, which better protects against damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun and keeps us looking younger longer. “It’s like winning the skincare lottery because you don’t really have to worry about wrinkles as much,” says Gervaise Gerstner, M.D., a cosmetic dermatologist in NYC. But black skin is not invincible and melanoma is still a serious danger.
  4. Face and body exfoliators. Aren’t you ready to show off that body! Well, you do want your skin on fleek and exfoliators can help with the job. Black is beautiful, but when there’s a buildup of dead cells that dim your glow, it can make your skin look gray and ashy. This is why it’s super important to slough away any flaky, dead skin buildup on a regular basis by exfoliating at least once per week with a gentle exfoliator.
  5. I cannot stress how important moisturizer is. In order to have that glow you need moisture. Ashiness is a telltale sign your skin is dry, but it doesn’t have to rob you of your radiance.  
  6. Foundation! I am not tolerating women of color this summer with the cake face because they didn’t purchase a foundation which is made for the summer heat. Mineral foundation does the trick every time. Black people often have more oil glands than people of any other race, and those glands can be larger in size and produce an unwanted amount of oil. Sounds familiar? Use a good mineral foundation (like this talc-free one from CoverFX) that absorbs oils and keeps skin looking fresh throughout the day.
  7. Eat healthy! Eating healthy sounds like a bore and flavorless (trust me I know) but it doesn’t have to be. Summer equals all fruits in season which means you can enjoy fresh fruit smoothies or a fruit salad with all your favorites. Eating healthy can be enjoyable. 

Well, I hope these 7 tips help you enjoy a productive summer with a natural glow and moisturized skin. May your glow be phenomenal this summer.

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Dnysha Cook
Dnysha is a third year New England College student pursing a a Bachelor's Degree in Communications. She is a very active member of the NEC community whether she's hosting events, working as an RA, or organizing functions for Amazing Minority Girls Unite where she works as club President. She has been involved with The New Englander for several years as Social Media Editor and currently writes a column entitled, Black Girl Problems. Dnysha will be graduating in Spring 2019.