2017 Volleyball Wrap-Up

photo from NEC Athletics

The NEC women’s volleyball team had a successful inaugural season. The Pilgrims finished with an overall record of 13-16, a conference record of 4-3 and landed the third seed heading into the conference tournament.

“I was very pleased with how our season went this year,” said first year Head Coach Laura Falkowtiz. “We started the season as a group of individuals, and we finished as a team working together.”

Being that the Pilgrims are a very young group, Coach Falkowitz was impressed with how her team handled adversity throughout the season, “I think we did a nice job of adapting this season. As a team, we were thrown into a lot of situations that we needed to adjust to on the fly.”

Entering their first ever conference tournament, the Pilgrims turned heads with a 3-0 rout of the visiting Castleton Spartans. Though in the semi-finals, an undefeated in conference play, Maine Maritime Academy ended the Pilgrims run with a 0-3 loss.

“I am really enthused based on how much we improved this season. I am excited to see this team get closer and closer to their full potential,” said Coach Falkowitz.

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Hannah Nelson
I am a sophomore here at NEC, majoring in communications and sport & recreation management. I am a member of the women's basketball team, a Peer Leader, Sports Editor of the newspaper, and a Student Ambassador. I eat, sleep and breathe sports. My future aspirations include working for ESPN or hosting the show Sports Nation.