Kyrie Irving & Tom Brady for #Veganism


We’re all human, and we all strive for connections. No matter how that connection comes about. Because I’m focusing on veganism and going to college in New Hampshire, I’ve decided to write this article on Kyrie Irving’s and Tom Brady’s vegan lifestyles.

1.Tom Brady

“Eating meals like these is what helped me stay at the top of my game.” According to, Tom Brady, arguably the best quarterback ever to play the game, is not only vegan but is an activist for the movement. Partnering with businesses like Tb12, Tom Brady gives all of his credit to going vegan and his hard work ethic. His teammate for eight years, Julian Edelman, reassured the public Brady’s play has never been surprising saying, “It is unbelievable to see a 39-year-old man play like he’s 29.” “His body hasn’t really changed. He may have lost some hair. Other than that, he’s still the same.” Some say Tom Brady is arguably in the best shape of his life at age 39. Yes, you read that right; age 39! Fresh off of Super Bowl LII, Brady shows no signs of retiring.

  1. Kyrie Irving

A little newer to the Vegan society than Tom Brady, Kyrie Irving is already noticing changes. Now second in the eastern conference and topped off with a winning record Kyrie Irving is having one of the best, if not the best season of his career. Averaging 25 points, 5 assist, 88% from the free throw and 50% free throw percentage. Kyrie gives most of the credit to his new diet. Not only does he say it improves his play, he feels a diet including the brutality of animals is not for him. According to Nicole Yang in, he says, “ I had to get away from all of that, so my energy is up. My body feels amazing.” He also stated, “I don’t plan on changing anything in my diet, everything is working out great so far.” Kyrie Irving’s coach Brad Stevens is also appreciating of his new diet saying, “He’s had great energy all year, the nutrition side is huge.


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