Raheem Millner

Before I arrived at New England College, I was a shy and unsure 21 year old. I didn’t expect that I would graduate because I’ve never challenged myself like I was challenged at NEC. After four years, I’m more confident and I’ve been getting internship and job offers nearing the completion of my degree. Enrolling in NEC is the best decision I’ve made.
The ALANA (African American, Latin American, Asian, Allies) really were like a family to me and I appreciate them for support. New England College has several diverse groups making up the student body.
Hannah Johnson, M.A. was an inspirational light during my last year. While I was dealing with homelessness and so many other struggles, she understood my situation and let me prove to myself that I was going to finish with the class of 2019. I know I can always email Professor Johnson even if I just want to talk.
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