I’m Famous and You’re Not


March 31st of 2020 is a date that will be written in history books. That was a day of success, not only for America, but for one girl’s and her dreams that finally came true.

After strenuous weeks of training and dedication to the TikTok craft, I had still never got the credit I was searching for. I had learned the popular dances, including the Renegade, I tried to hop on trends, but still always fell short.

I got the TikTok to get some laughs but sadly, I’m not laughing anymore. I have dedicated so much time and effort into getting a glimpse of the fame I’m looking for, but still had nothing to show for it for so long.

I was almost sure my dream to be famous would never come, until I went viral.

On March 30th, a TikTok artist known as Elena.gjm posted a video of herself drawing her “nudes” (aka her torso) with a thermal filter on. As soon as I saw it I instantly fell in love with the style and wanted to give it a try.

Before anyone asks, no I didn’t draw my naked body; I got a picture of someones off of google (once again it was actually a torso).

The only difference between Elena.gjm and my pieces was that she used pastel chalk and my medium was acrylic paint. She also used a filter when she started her drawing, I just put the colors where I thought they looked best.

I know that I pretty much stole this idea, so I figured I would give her video some credit when I posted my video. On TikTok, for those who don’t know, you can make a duet with another video, so both show side-by-side, and I tagged her so she could get the credit she deserved. A few hours later I had my normal amount of likes, nine, so I was proud of myself.

Later that day, I looked at my post and it went from 9 to around 200, then 200 to 600. I was shocked. I went to bed that night, not thinking too much about it, but when I woke up, I had 62.6k views on my video.

My journey to fame had just begun.

I had friends text me to tell me that my video was on their “For You” pages and that I had so many likes. I finally felt like a TikTok Queen; it was my turn to run this app!

Then April 1st happened, a day after I had gained my fame, I had my heart broken. I wish this was an April Fools joke, so I could be laughing instead of grieving, but it isn’t. Around ten o’clock, I got a notification from TikTok saying: “System Notification: A video you posted on 2020-03-31 has been removed for violating our Community Guidelines. Please observe these guidelines to help us maintain a safe, respectful TikTok community.

At 83.7k views and over 3,000 likes my TikTok video was taken down. This message made me question my whole life; should give up on TikTok now, or if I should just keep disappointing myself?

After I started moving on, I checked on Elena’s page to see if her artwork got deleted…it didn’t. How does that make sense? It doesn’t, and I want to get to the bottom of this.

I now know that someone got a little too jealous of my TikTok taking off and reported me. I know my painting was a “nude,” so they must have decided to report my video and chose the “I’m waaaay too jealous that this video is going viral and I want to crush someone else’s dreams” option. That is the only explanation that makes sense in my eyes.

So now I write to whoever is reading, as an average person again. I am back to nothing, and need to pick myself up. Out of all that chaos, I have gained followers and I have to keep pleasing them.

I will continue my art journey on TikTok and hopefully my time will come again. For those who viewed and liked my video, I appreciate the support.

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Hi I'm Rachel Senechal. I'm from small town in Connecticut and I am a senior here at NEC. I am a part of the NEC Softball team. I enjoy spending my time taking pictures with friends and staying active. I usually write about what's on my mind or what is important to me.
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