Tips On Keeping Your Mental Health Intact


As we all face the challenges presented by COVID-19, it is easy to lose track of our mental well being. Here are some healthy ways to take care of your mental health while in quarantine.

Writing Daily Journals:

Many people write daily journals as soon as they wake up, and I am one of those people. Jotting down your ideas with some coffee, when you first wake up, is the best thing to do. I’m very committed to writing down my thoughts and feelings, setting future goals, inspiring creativity, and staying organized. I’m a planner, and I like to plan so I can have a clear view of my day. Many people start journaling but lose motivation, but here’s what you can do to stop fight that:

Good writing begins with a pleasant environment, so find a place where you feel the most at ease with no distractions. Many people lose interest in a book because the space isn’t right.

Meditate and brainstorm what is worth writing. Reflection plays a big part in writing in a journal. See your journal as a safe place for privacy and know your secret is always safe. It’s your journal, have fun, write as you please, it’s for your understanding. I believe people express themselves best through writing.

Family and Real Friends:

The people around you play a massive part in your well-being. Research has proven that when positive people and energy surround us, we’re more likely to achieve our goals. I know nowadays there are more “fake” people around than there are reliable people. These are a couple of ways to keep positive people in your life:

Communication is key. People communicate in different ways, and some may be difficult to breathe. You have various connections with people around you, often an intimate connection or a relational connection. Learn how to communicate with others by respecting differences.

Support others the way you would want to be supported. Support comes in many different ways, including basic tasks, creative and intellectual help, and emotional and spiritual support.

Express your feelings and thoughts. Some people may have a hard time expressing emotions, which may cause misunderstandings. Talk to the people around you; try to understand what they are feeling and also compromise. Your voice may not be heard on the first try, but everything is progress. Give a little to receive a little. Accept the people around you for who they are and how they are.

Pamper Days:

Light your favorite scented candle, press play on your favorite playlist, and relax. Everyone deserves a day off once in a while. Take one day to rejuvenate, get back on track, and relax. Here are some tips on how to do so:

Set the scene in any place that you feel the most comfortable; it could be your bathroom, your yoga mat, or going to an actual spa. Setting the scene can be lighting candles, filling the bathtub with hot water, and turning on your favorite music that makes you feel relaxed. Taking a bath with warm water relaxes your tense muscles, and even better, drop a bath bomb for skincare purposes. Apply a face mask that makes your skin feel beautiful, cut two thin slices of cucumbers and place them on your eyes. “Cucumber has an anti-inflammatory effect that helps in reducing puffiness. The high water content helps in hydrating the skin, and the cool temperature decreases the flow of blood to space around your eyes.” Nubello Care suggests. Have a glass of wine, read your favorite book, try yoga, or go for walks.

Getting In Touch With Your Feelings:

Communicating your feelings is the best way to decompress, don’t let yourself boil to a breaking point. Always have control over your emotions and don’t let your feelings control you. Vent to someone who you trust, and that won’t judge you.

Going on walks and runs is always the best way to clear your head. According to a study by the Anxiety and Depression Association, running and other forms of exercise can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and help you relax.

Finding a New Activity or Talent:

I know many people use art, like painting or drawing, as a form of therapy. Getting your hands on a white canvas board and expressing your feelings with paint splashed everywhere, is the best feeling.

People use art and music therapy to control anxiety, behavior, and reduce stress. Another activity could be music; if you are a musician, playing an instrument that you’re good at can help. So does practicing your craft and getting better at something you love doing. Also, take time to find hidden talent. I believe that everyone has a mysterious ability. Boredom is one way to find hidden talent; we are capable of creating anything out of boredom.

You might be the next Gordon Ramsey, you’ve just got to challenge yourself.

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