“Kiss Or Grab”


Social media facilitates the creation or sharing of information, it’s a place of many platforms where people share what they are capable of with the world. Yet could certain content on these platforms be too provocative?

The Trending Challenge on the internet, especially Youtube, has made many youtube channels popular due to provocative topics. In one challenge the youtuber goes up to people, mainly women, to ask whether they can “Kiss” or “Grab” any part of their body while being filmed on camera in public.

This challenge is very controversial, even with consent it puts many women into a position where they feel they must allow such acts to be subjected to them. If they refuse they are ridiculed by the youtuber for not allowing it.

This widely popular trend must stop.

It’s one of many trends that puts women in a position where they are pressured to not deny a request from men and women to be physically felt up, whether it’s for social media or not. People must be aware that this is indeed an act of sexual harassment, as well as embarrassing and disgraceful.

There are many videos of male youtubers going to populated areas such as parties, beaches, and even outside at nightclubs or open bars to ask intoxicated women to either kiss or grab any part of their body. The women aren’t fully capable of making a decision on whether she wants to or not.

Kiss or Grab has made many male youtubers famous. It’s an offensive trend that is sadly not being talked about within the platforms of social media.


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