Brent Faiyaz’s Clouded Review


Christopher Brent Wood, also known by his stage name “Brent Faiyaz,” is an R&B/Soul American singer and record producer. He began his music career on “SoundCloud” in October of 2016. Faiyaz formed a group named “Sonder” with record producers “Dpat” and “Atu” and released their debut single “Too Fast” on October 25. On December 16th 2016, Faiyaz was featured alongside rapper “Shy Glizzy” on the single “Crew” by rapper “Goldlink.” On February 7th 2020, Faiyaz released his second studio album, “F**k The World”.

Image of Brent Faiyaz

On “F**k The World,” his song “Clouded” focuses on Fiyaz’s questions about if anyone he loves and his fans will remember him when he leaves the Earth. He believed that if he makes a big enough impact on people’s lives that he will be remembered. “A lot of (rap-leaning on Clouded) is due to Nascent, I wanted to answer questions people ask on some day-to-day shit. ‘What are you thinking about?’ or ‘Why is your energy so low?’ I use ‘Clouded’ as an opportunity to address that.” (Brent Faiyaz to “Vice”)

Image of Brent Faiyaz

It’s a familiar mentality and a familiar scenario people face within their lifetime. Is their career choice bringing happiness and will they be remembered? Brent tells his story through “Clouded” in the hopes that he can fight through the emotional and mental pain inside of him. He wants to show his audience that what society has decided about life isn’t true and that you can be remembered in many ways, just not the route he took.

Brent Faiyaz is immaculate, expressing his troublesome life through music and working to to elevate and grow into a better man than he was yesterday. One thing’s for sure, Brent Faiyaz will go down in history as an inspirational vocalists in the music industry.

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