Women’s History Month


Who inspires you?

More specifically, what woman inspire you? It could be an athlete, actress, or musician. It could be a favorite teacher or a family member. Regardless of who it is, make sure to celebrate them this month.

Every year, March is dedicated to Women’s History.

Thus, making it Women’s History Month. We use this time to honor their contributions in American history, but more recently, we’ve been celebrating globally. At first it was just “Women’s History Week” (1978), to correspond with “International Women’s Day”. Over time, women’s groups and historians fought for this specific week, but, in 1995 it became a whole month of celebration.

So, lets take a look at the accomplishments of some popular women over time.

I would first like to highlight Greta Thunberg. Not just for what she stands for, but to be as young as she is and having the power and courage to fight at that age. It really does make others look up to her.

Next, I would like to shine light on Sandra Oh.

One of my favorite characters from Grey’s Anatomy, she earned her first golden globe for best supporting role and she won another golden globe for lead actress in Killing Eve. On the night of January 6th, 2019, she became the first woman of Asian descent to win two golden globes.

Simone Biles is another woman I would like to call out, just for being great.

Not only is she the most decorated gymnast in world championship history, but she has two signature moves of her own. Both moves are named after her, the Biles and the Biles II.

Rihanna became the first woman of color to lead a label at the world’s largest luxury fashion conglomerate. (via Time.com)

Brigid Kosgei became the first woman to finish a marathon in less than two hours and 15 minutes. (via Time.com)

How about our first responders during the Covid-19 pandemic? Nurses, doctors, EMT’s.

We can even go back in time and bring up a group of female athletes, who came together to create a league of their own in baseball. In 1943, the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League became the first pro-league for female players. I always found this story inspiring, in regards to women teaming up with each other to do something that seemed out of our reach.

Kamala Harris became the first female Vice-President in 2021. Again, another inspiring story to look up to.

I would also like to shout out some of my favorite women in my life.

My favorite teacher from high school, Mrs. Thissen. My two sisters, Aaliyah and Abrianna. Two of my past dance teachers, Miss Brianna and Miss Heather.

I must also show appreciation to some of my favorite musicians; SZA, Summer Walker, H.E.R; as well as my favorite content creators; Karren Kora and Annabelle. Each of these women have their own place in my heart and help(ed) me grow as a person.

So, who will you be celebrating this month? There are clearly many different women, I only brought up a few. It’s important to show your appreciation to others, and yourself as a woman.

Let’s come together this month, to make sure that all women are loved!





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