Mike Pence Visits Saint Anselm’s Institute of Politics


On August 17th, former Vice President Mike Pence spoke at Saint Anselm’s Institute of Politics, addressing several current political issues. It is tradition for potential Presidential candidates to start making there rounds at political events in New Hampshire, since it’s the first in the nation for voting. In his speech he touched on the withdrawal from Afghanistan, just days before the one-year anniversary of the controversial move.

“For those of you in this room or those who wore the uniform in the past twenty years of service in Afghanistan: nothing of that disastrous withdrawal will ever diminish your service to America, or the sacrifice of the fallen over the last twenty years of defending our freedom.”

Pence criticized President Joe Biden’s newly signed “Inflation Reduction Act,” a $124 billion spending bill created to limit inflation, address climate change, and tackle health care issues.

Despite his criticism of democrats in office, Pence was excited about what was to come in the upcoming political races for republican candidates.

“I got to tell all of you, I’ve never felt better in my life even in these challenging times I see an energy across this country like I’ve never seen before,” he said.

Pence summed up his speech before taking some questions with eluding to a potential Presidential run.

“I’ve never spent much time in New Hampshire, but I may one day.”

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Lily Geber is a Senior at NEC with a double major in Political Science and Communication. She serves as Editor in Chief of the New Englander.
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