NEC Honors Labor Day for First Time in Years

Written by Elizabeth McIntyre
It has been quite a while since New England College experienced the traditional celebration of Labor Day. In years past, the academic calendar called for classes on the first Monday in September, and the day was given back in October. However, the college recently named a new Interim President, Dr. Wayne Lesperance. Although he does not look at it as his ‘first move,’ many college members are thrilled with his decision to give the Federal Holiday back to the New England College community.
Lesperance went on to say that “this is an opportunity to catch your breath, take advantage of the fun opportunities that are around us, have some fun, and maybe even do some laundry.” As he tackles this new position, faculty, staff, and students are his main priority. He continued, “just because we have done something in the past does not mean we need to do it in the future.” Dr. Lesperance is taking past events into consideration but is looking at ways to better the entire college community.
As we look forward to this three-day weekend, take the time to prioritize the things you need to get done. We are honoring the social and economic accomplishments of American labor.
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Lily Geber is a Senior at NEC with a double major in Political Science and Communication. She serves as Editor in Chief of the New Englander.
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