NEC Alumnus becomes New Chief of Hillsboro Police


The town of Hillsboro named a new Chief of Police on October 12th, 2022. Christopher Parsons was once part of this college community as a Criminal Justice major and a 2008 graduate. Today, he is the Police Chief just minutes away from campus.

Chief Parsons plans to continue community interaction and fulfill community policing through invisibility. The more patrolman are out and unseen, the more knowledge they will gain about the community.

The chief was kind enough to offer words to New England College students. “Networking through the college and through professors is essential. Continue to network because it will help, and it will all come back someday,” said Chief Parsons.

Professor Frank Jones had Chief Christopher Parsons as a student.

“I remember that Chris was a pleasure to have in classes. His personality, sense of humor, and high level of interest in course content is rememberable. He was very focused on a law enforcement organization in Maine and set his goals to finish his degree and work for that organization but went on to a successful law enforcement career here in New Hampshire. He was very active in the CJ Club and was a past president. Chris was well-liked by faculty, staff, and students during his years at New England College. The CJ Department at NEC is very proud of his recent accomplishment,” said Professor Jones.

Looking for a job in law enforcement? Christopher Parsons could be your Chief of Police, with three officer positions open at the Hillsboro Police Department.

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