Fake Twitter Employees Pretend to be Laid-Off


This past Friday, two men stood outside a Twitter headquarter in San Fransisco pretending to be freshly laid-off.

This stunt follows months of speculation about major layoffs in the company after Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, and SpaceX, put a bid in to buy the company back in April. Throughout the following months, Elon, and Twitters board members, such as their CEO Parag Agrawal got into several arguments over the number of fake accounts on the app, and what the real worth of the company was.  

After months of back and forth, Elon Musks deal was finalized, and he took the company private for $44 Billion this past Thursday. 

The two men who stood outside of Twitters HQ told CNBC Reporter Deidre Bosa they were data engineers, and went by the names Rahul Ligma, and Daniel Johnson. These turned out to be two fake names, and two fake Twitter employees. 

The man who identified himself at Rahul stated, “I even own a Tesla man,” to which is colleague Daniel responds “Right, yeah, me too.” 

The real moral of the story is don’t trust everything you see. To see these pranksters perform their act in front of reporters, check out the video here. 

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