Book Review: Surviving Raine


Surviving Raine by Shay Savage is an intense love story between two lost souls. This book is about a man called Sebastian Stark, who has very dark past. In the beginning of the story he has a ship called The Oblation, a cruise ship that runs through the Caribbean Seas. One day when the crew and passengers are on their way to the Caribbean, Sebastian gets really drunk and passes out in his room. He gets a rude awaking when he hits the ceiling of his room. The ship tipped on its side, but he doesn’t realize this until he is walking through his room.

When he gets to opening of the boat he notices nobody around. As he looks for people, he finds a raft and a body floating in the water. Sebastian swims out and picks up the body. It’s a woman.

Once he gets her on the raft, he notices she’s still alive. The next day Sebastian gets woken up by the woman screaming. When he calms her down, he tells her what has happened. The woman he saves is named Raine. Since they are stuck on the raft together they have to learn how to lean on each other if they want to survive. They begin to face problems like Sebastian’s alcohol withdrawals, starvation, and dehydration, while at the same time getting to know one another.

Surviving Raine was such a good book. One day I was going through the Goodreads books, looking for a survival romance novel. I stumbled across this book, I read the description and it sounded good. I was like “why not try it?”

Right as I started reading the book I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to keep on reading to know more about the characters’ dark pasts and wanted to know what was going to happen to them. I have to say I loved how the author wrote her characters. I love the personalities she gave Raine and Sebastian because they are polar opposites, but they work for each other. Both of them made each other stronger because of their different personalities.

It was definitely well done, and I recommend it, especially if you like mystery romances.

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