Movie Review: The Little Prince


The Little Prince is an adorable kid’s movie that takes place in a very adult world. The Little Girl (Mackenzie Foy) and The Mother (Rachel McAdams) move to a town so the girl can go to a good academy. Her mother is trying to prepare her daughter to become a great adult in the very grown-up world. As the Mother is preparing her daughter for the world, The Little Girl meets their next door neighbor, named The Aviator (Jeff Bridges). He’s not your average person, he’s very odd and very different from everyone else because he uses his imagination. When The Aviator and The Little Girl meet, he introduces his story about The Little Prince (Riley Osborne). The Little Prince lives in another world on an asteroid. As the girl becomes friends with The Aviator and learns more about the prince, she starts to believe in magic and uses her own imagination.

Netflix produced The Little Prince and it was directed by Mark Osborne who did an amazing job on the movie. The film switched between animation and stop-motion Claymation, which was an effective method to enhancing the story line. When the story is told from the perspective of the Little Girl the film is animation, and when they start to tell the story about The Little Prince they switch to stop-motion Claymation. This was effective because the audience could tell when they switched between the two stories. It was cool that the movie was animation and stop-motion Claymation because I have not seen a movie do that before.

Osborne and the writers Irena Brignull and Bob Persichetti did well on making each character have their own look and personality that made them stick out from one another. The Aviator was odd, goofy, did not care what people thought about him, and just wanted to make a friend. The Little Girl was smart, caring, and was stuck between believing in her imagination and being an adult that believes only in reality. Then there’s The Little Prince who was brave, caring, wanted to believe in everyone, and viewed people in a good light. Many of the characters looked like the actors that spoke for them which allows you to connect more to the movie. The Aviator looked and acted a lot like Jeff Bridges would in real life. He was rocking the long beard, was tall, very silly and odd. The Conceited Man was played by Ricky Gervais and looked just like him. They both have the same facial expression, their facial structure looked the same, and some parts of their attitudes were the same. This gave the movie great character development.

The Little Prince came out on Netflix August 5, 2015 and is rated PG for mild thematic elements. This movie is an adventure, drama and animation film. This movie is also a book called The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Overall it was a really good movie, I recommend it to children and adults. It’s a great movie to sit down and watch because it makes the audience wonder where this story going to go.

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