TV Review: Eyewitness


Eyewitness is a brand new, highly fascinating show currently airing on the USA Network every Sunday night. The show begins with two of the main characters, Philip (Tyler Young) and Lukas (James Paxton), doing impressive tricks on a motorcycle for Lukas’ channel. The two, in the midst of an adrenaline rush, take off to Lukas’ cabin. However, their time together is interrupted when an unknown vehicle, which just so happens to be carrying three criminals and a hostage, pulls up to what they thought was a deserted area. Philip and Lukas each hide as the men invade the cabin, guns ready to shoot the hostage. Having loosened the bonds around him, the hostage unexpectedly pulls a gun out as well and murders all of the other men. Philip, shocked from his hiding spot under the bed, makes a small noise which catches the killer’s attention. Gun raised again, the killer moves toward the bed but Lukas jumps out from the closet and whacks the man on the back of the head repeatedly with a frying pan. Philip grabs the gun and they flee, not knowing that they left the killer alive.

They then become two eyewitnesses to this entire incident, kicking off the thriller show’s story. The show is much more than just a thriller series though, as it touches on many important topics. Philip doesn’t hide the fact that he’s gay, whereas Lukas is struggling with internalized homophobia, refusing to properly acknowledge the feelings he is developing for his friend. The show also touches on foster care and drug addictions. Philip was separated from his mother once she was found out to have a serious drug problem. Being seen as unfit to care for her teenage son, Philip was separated from his mother and placed into the home of a small town sheriff and her husband. The audience learns fairly quickly that Philip is unhappy with this arrangement and even misses his mother, despite also having some affection for his foster parents.

Despite having some amazing and relatable storylines like these, the show also has some more touchy ones. For instance, we later learn that our killer in the beginning of the show did indeed get away without much injury done, but is left with a need to inflict more violence. The nearly forty year old character finds himself involved with a young girl named Bella, who just so happens to be only about fifteen years old. It adds a whole new layer of creepy to this murderer, especially as their, thankfully, brief storyline unfolds throughout the episode.

USA Network is known for successful shows such as the Emmy Award Winning  Mr. Robot. Due to this, the audience had extremely high expectations, and Eyewitness definitely did not disappoint. This show has the viewers on the edge of their seats at certain points, genuinely wondering what will be coming next. Hopefully the show goes far, as it is telling a very interesting, well written story.

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