The Name of The Game


One Friday afternoon I was catching up on some reading for Principles of Public Relations, probably thirty minutes before class. We were reading “Start Something That Matters,” by TOMS chief executive officer Blake Mycoskie. Within the first few pages of the book, I was utterly inspired by Mycoskie’s business model, the idea of producing revenue but also benefiting someone else who had an incredible need for something you and I have and take for granted. Since freshman year of high school I’ve been interested in starting my own business someday, I just didn’t know exactly what that business would be. Inspiration suddenly struck and I knew that this idea would become the dream I’ve had for a few years. All I knew was that I wanted to change the world somehow.

I instantly took pen to paper and literally just wrote what my inspiration was feeding me. My original idea was to sell environmentally sustainable clothing to the general population, revenue produced from selling the clothing would allow me and my team to take twenty five percent of revenue and give it to countries destroyed by natural disaster. Mind you, the time this impulsive idea struck was just about the same time Haiti was being hit by a hurricane.

After speaking to my brother, who believed this idea was incredibly good and also owns his own company, he suggested I sell organic cotton T-shirts, as the whole idea was to sell environmentally sustainable clothing. The name we both came up with was FOREGO; basing it off the principle that we’re paying our duties forward with organic clothing.

I’ve met people who’ve donated to the Red Cross multiple times, which is an awesome way to raise money for countries destroyed by natural disasters, but I thought to myself, “Do we truly know who’s actually getting this money, and if so, is it going to the right people? And generally, will it even benefit them?” With the start-up idea, I’ve thought that the general population needs to be able to see exactly what we’re doing in these countries. How you may ask? Via live-stream capabilities, YouTube videos, and pictures throughout social media.

The next step would be to find organic cotton suppliers and estimate the cost to produce my product. Although the estimation to price is still up in the air, I have created a logo for the company and I’m still working out details for the start-up. If you don’t know me very well I’m an incredibly impulsive person. I like to make brash decisions on the spot and won’t let anyone talk me down. In the near future, extensive planning will take place so FOREGO can get on the ground. It’s not going to be easy, but I’m driven to turn my dreams into a reality. If you yourself have these sudden motivations for business ideas, remember, impulsivity it’s the name of the game.

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