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This Weeks\ in Clubs I took a look at the Environmental Action Committee and the Henniker Review. To start things off, the Environmental Action Committee, or the EAC, has quite a few things happening right now. On November 11th and 12th they went to the “Student for Zero Waste Conference” at the University of New Hampshire, which taught the attendees how to make college campuses convert to zero waste. The EAC is also working on getting recycling specific dumpsters around campus called Mobius. Also, on November 2nd the EAC hosted a movie night where they  played Before The Flood.

There are currently nine people who belong to of the EAC. When Katie Wing, the vice-president of the EAC, was asked what type of students would be a good fit in the club, she said: “Based on what their interests are and if they generally care about the environment and making a difference. Overall just having that drive to make a difference in the environment.”

If you’re passionate about making a change for the better in our environment and would like to join the EAC, they meet every Monday at 5:30. If you’re interested, speak with Katie Wing or the president, Stephanie Goulet. Their emails are [email protected] and [email protected]

I also took a look at the Henniker Review. I’m pretty sure almost everyone, if not everyone, has seen those little books around campus called the Henniker Review. The Henniker Review is a compilation of stories, poems, and art submitted by students that is produced by the club once a year. But they also host events on campus. Just recently, the Henniker Review hosted the Haunted Reading and host open mic nights and poetry slams occasionally, in addition to their annual event “The Big Book Event,” where they sell books to support their club.

The Henniker Review is looking to get new people to join. They currently have two co-presidents, a secretary, house of reps, and a treasurer, but outside of the e-board, there is only one member. One of the co-presidents is Hannah Jackson, a senior this year in the Art Department. When I asked her why people should join the Henniker Review she said this, “Other people should join because we really do have a lot of fun, and you don’t need to be an art major to join!”

The Henniker Review seems like a fun club to join as well, and if your major falls under art or writing it would probably look good on a resume. The Henniker Review’s biggest goal right now is to spread the word. So, if anyone, across any major, is interested in joining the Henniker Review contact Hannah Jackson for further information.

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