Avengers Infinity War Trailer Review


There was an idea, to bring together a group of remarkable people, to see if they could become something more. So when we needed them, they could fight the battles we never could.” Those words were uttered by Nick fury in “The Avengers” exactly 5 years ago. Back when most viewers saw the latest installment in the Marvel cinematic universe as the end all be all of 5 inner connected films that came before it. Now 9 years after this franchise started with the first Iron Man film, the franchise has put out a whopping 17 films since and still more on the way in development. There seems to be nothing stopping the disney train from rolling, and this new “Avengers Infinity War” seems to be the full culmination of everything they’ve worked on thus far. In its own special way, this trailer is as much as a special event as the movie itself. Bringing in 98 million views within a week, the highest view count for a trailer on youtube since “The Force Awakens” trailer premiered back in 2015. Ever since the easter egg ending of the first Avengers films when the mad titan Thanos was teased as a future villain, fans have waited with baited breath to get a small sneak at the mega event. Several months ago a select group of fans were given the priviledge to see the first assembled footage trailer at comic con. It however wasn’t released to the public due to the massive amounts of secrecy, the people who saw were allowed to give out descriptions, leaving all of us who couldn’t be at the convention sweat with anticipation. As far as the trailer itself, it’s practically a love letter to anyone who grew up reading the comics and watching the films that have led to this. Everyone is here from Black widow to Spider-man to Dr Strange to the inclusion of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and of course the return of Captain america after the end of Civil War. The stakes and danger also feel very heavy and come pounding down on our heroes as the trailer paints a very clear picture that not everyone will leave this battle alive. This trailer promises to take this beloved universe we’ve spent so much time in and change it forever. No one ever could have thought something as trivial as another common superhero movie would turn into such a yearly event among fans that bring tears to the eyes of fans that have waited since they were small children.


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