Saving Your Body , Intro for #VEGANS


Have you ever conformed with society, not questioning anything someone influenced you to do? Ever thought, what if they’re wrong, and took action by broadening your knowledge on the situation?

Sadly this was me, once upon a time. Ever since I was 13, I realized not everything is rainbows, unicorns, and butterflies and the world runs on money, greed, and power. Suddenly mainstream media no longer interested me, and this caused me to grow up rather quickly. I admit I do not know everything about veganism, but I have enlightened myself on what’s best for not only me, but for those I care about.

In this weekly blog I will focus on mainstream food production and the corrupt money making machines supported by both the agricultural and medical industry. I’d also like to include my story of why I became vegan.

I have watched my fair share of injustices in this country and have decided to have a more broad ethical view on the world and those we share it with. I’ve watched and learned from documentaries and blogs that I’ve been following for years which ultimately influenced my decision to become a vegan.

One of my favorite documentaries about the corrupt food systems in America is called “What The Health.” This award winning documentary not only changed my life and my point of view, but my brother and mother were both inspired to eat plant based foods and enlighten themselves about society a bit more.

The ideals behind veganism run deeper than the simple fact that cow’s milk is not intended for us; it emphasizes who we are as a species. Looking deeper into veganism, I learned what foods are meant for us as well as good for our well being.

According to, vegan living “reduces the intake of saturated fat, animal hormones, and cholesterol while increasing the intake of fresh fruits and veggies but has the potential to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.”

If this intro doesn’t get you hooked, I don’t know what will. Stay tuned for future articles as we venture through the victories and hardships of a 19 year old vegan.


Vegan Concept


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